What is Pursued By Bear?

Pursued By Bear is a peer-to-peer hiring platform where theatre professionals and institutions can share their under-utilised theatre stock with others across the theatre and arts industry and benefit from the circular economy. As a member on Pursued By Bear, you will be able to hire out your under-utilised theatre stock; alternatively,  you can hire-in from other theatrical establishments.

One of the key problems that the platform aims to solve for many across the theatrical sector is, "what do we do with all our stuff?!" If you have a growing inventory of costumes, wigs, props, puppets, sets, etc then Pursued By Bear can help you to monetize your stock by connecting you to other members who want to hire. Alternatively, if you are on the lookout for a show-stopping puppet, prop or costume then it is more than likely that another member has it available to hire on Pursued By Bear!

We have separated our FAQ into two branches; one FAQ for members that want to hire out their stock (Suppliers), and the other is for members who want to hire stock from others (Customers).