User Agreement
This User Agreement sets out the terms on which Theatre Hire Solutions offers access to Pursued By Bear site, services, applications and tools.
Offers to hire outside of Pursued By Bear policy
Offering to hire outside of Pursued By Bear is discouraged as it exposes both customer and supplier to risk of fraud.
Tax Policy
Members are responsible for declaring and complying with applicable tax laws.
Feedback Policy
Feedback is an opportunity to share your experience with other members of the Pursued By Bear community. As a customer, you can leave a comment. As a supplier, you might want to thank a customer for their custom or reply to their feedback. While Fe...
Payment Policy
Our payment policy is as follows: When someone makes a hire transaction, we receive the payment. We will then pay you in two parts: Firstly, to cover the shipping. Secondly, to cover the hire of the items. The second payment will be paid out when...